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The University of Cape Coast (UCC) Scholarship for Needy but Brilliant Students is a vital component of the university's commitment to accessibility, excellence, and inclusivity in higher education. This scholarship program is designed to empower and support brilliant students who face financial hardships in pursuing their academic goals. Let's delve into the theoretical aspects and implications of this program:


Total Scholarships Awarded and Amount Awarded (GH ¢):

Over the span of four academic years, the UCC Scholarship program has exhibited both growth and fluctuations in the number of scholarships awarded and the total amount disbursed. Here's a breakdown of these figures:

  • 2020/2021: In its inaugural year, the program awarded a total of 215 scholarships, amounting to GH ¢331,241. This initial phase provided a critical foundation for the program's future growth.
  • 2021/2022: The scholarship program witnessed a substantial increase, with 313 scholarships granted, and the total amount awarded surged to GH ¢579,438. This remarkable growth reflected an increasing awareness of the program and its positive impact on students.
  • 2022/2023: The upward trajectory continued, with 388 scholarships awarded, totaling GH ¢833,580. This growth suggested the program's sustainability and potential for further expansion.
  • 2023/2024: While the total number of scholarships awarded slightly decreased to 315, the program remained robust, with a total amount awarded of GH ¢647,556. This demonstrates the program's ability to maintain substantial financial support.


Percentage Increment and Deduction (Yearly):

The yearly percentage increments and deductions in scholarship numbers and total amounts awarded are critical indicators of the program's dynamics:

  • From 2020/2021 to 2021/2022, there was a remarkable 45.12% increase in the number of scholarships awarded and an impressive 75.06% increase in the total amount disbursed. This reflects growing recognition and trust in the program.
  • From 2021/2022 to 2022/2023, there was a steady 24.84% increase in the number of scholarships awarded and a 43.73% increase in the total amount disbursed. This indicates the program's capacity to attract more deserving students.
  • From 2022/2023 to 2023/2024, there was a 19.07% decrease in the number of scholarships awarded and a 22.50% decrease in the total amount disbursed. This might be attributed to various factors, such as fluctuations in available funds or application numbers.


Percentage Analysis by College (2023/2024):

Analyzing the distribution of scholarships and awarded amounts among the various colleges provides insights into where the program's impact is most prominent:

  • College of Health and Allied Sciences (COHAS) received 18.10% of the scholarships and 23.10% of the total amount awarded.
  • College of Humanities and Legal Studies (CHLS) received 30.16% of the scholarships and 27.40% of the total amount awarded.
  • College of Education (COE) received 26.98% of the scholarships and 25.03% of the total amount awarded.
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences (CANS) received 24.76% of the scholarships and 24.47% of the total amount awarded.